Discover Snorkeling Safari In St.Maarten



– Per Person: $100.00
– Private: $500 (Max 4 per jeep)
– Per person with lunch: $ 120.00
– Private with lunch: $600.00
– Depart @ 9:00am
– Duration: 6 hrs
– Stops will be at: Shipwreck in little bay, Coralita beach, Orient Bay, Happy Bay, Grand case (lunch) & Airport beach.

Details of tour:

For people that want to snorkel from a beach or are beginner snorkelers who would like to keep it simple this is the tour for you. Scared of boats or you get sea sick and want to still enjoy snorkeling at good locations join is on this offshore snorkel safari.


Embark on an exciting island adventure that introduces you to the best of St.Maartens’s natural wonders and cultural attractions. First, you’ll board your own 4×4 Jeep Wrangler and set off on a scenic caravan-style drive along the roads of Both French and Dutch side of the island. While driving around and visiting different beaches you will be able to snorkel at some of these beaches. Swim with a variety of tropical fish and explore a shallow reef & wreck site . All necessary gear is included.

Drive or ride caravan-style through the roads of St.Maarten/St.Martin in a 4×4 Jeep Wrangler. The beauty of the island will mesmerize you, and fascinating green iguanas appear during your exploration at each spot.  visit different beaches to snorkel and swim.


First stop will be at divi little bay and there you will snorkel for 1 hour. From there you will visit the airport beach.  you will see some spectacular jet landing. After  that great experience we will head to Grand case where you will have some finger licking BBQ Island style. After this delicious meal we will visit Orient Bay and then Explore Corolita and have an awesome  adventure.

– SeaPass card and photo identification
– Camera
– Sun protection
– Cash/credit cards
– Swimsuit
– Towel (from ship)


All Jeeps are 4-door, convertible & equipped with A/C. Vehicles have automatic transmission.
Drivers must be 21 years old and have a valid license.